For Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) it is special that carbohydrates are not stored as starch, but mainly in the form of fructooligosaccharides. These cannot be processed by the human body in the small intestine by digestive enzymes and are transformed into the colon as dietary fiber. The yacon tubers therefore have a prebiotic effect.
Yacon is ideal for diabetics


The fresh tubers are peeled and cut into small pieces. These are dried immediately. Perfect as an addition in muesli or as a healthy snack.


Being ground as a fine powder, yacon can be used excellently as a sweetener in baked goods, smoothies or desserts.


A dark-colored syrup is prepared from the juice of the yacon tubers. This is a healthy alternative to household sugar, honey or maple syrup. Due to the high content of fructooligosaccharides, yacon syrup has a prebiotic effect and is comparatively low in calories but contains the valuable minerals and vitamins from the yacon tubers.