Our aim



Our claim to our products is very high.
These are subjected to strict controls.
We work closely with accredited laboratories.
Extensive analysis takes place before and after the purchase of the products.
The same claim applies to our suppliers.
Therefore, these are carefully selected, undergoing a continuous evaluation process and visited several times a year by the local AcanChia team.
Therefore, we also provide 100% traceability and transparency of the products to our customers.

Fair trade and sustainability

It is very important to us to support the growers in the sustainable cultivation of the products and the preservation of their traditional foods. Out of this cooperation it results fair prices for the raw materials and fair wages for the growers.
There are regular crop rotations in the fields and no pesticides are used in organic production line. Also, the use of genetically modified seed is excluded from our growers (GMO-free).


Since 2013 we received our organic certification.
Our highest demand is to satisfy our customers with high quality goods.