About Us


AcanChia® is a specialist for high-quality plant derived materials from Latin America for food production.
The company name is derived from the years of experience and expertise (cultivation, research, development and sales) with plant-derived raw materials especially with chia seeds.
The addition "Acan" is originated from the Nahuatl, the language of the descendants of the Aztecs. Here, the term "acan quenami" means something healthy and whole without flaws. "Acan" in the company name AcanChia® expresses that the cultivation of high-quality food has top priority.

Simultaneously AcanChia® honors the efforts of the local population in Latin America for the preservation and the production of valuable food. We stress that we adapt together these food to the requirements of modern times – with respect to cultivation, quality and product development.


raw materials

quality and traceability


processing, recipe development for finished products

Research & Development

Fair und social


• is an internationally oriented company with partners and activities all over the world and is a certified importer according to EU-regulations for organic agriculture.
• has expertise and international cooperations in research and development to improve the cultivation, the quality of the raw materials and new development of products.
• supervises the production of the products in Latin America with a company-owned team
• is following the principles of sustainable resource management and fair trade
• ensures traceability, transparency and reliability from cultivation, through processing, to distribution and import processing