AcanChia® – Cocoa Nibs




AcanChia® – Cocoa Nibs – Power of Mood

Cocoa plants have already been cultivated in Central America, since 400 BC, by the Mayas and Aztecs. At this time cocoa beans were reserved for the gentry only and were consumed for special occasions as beverage with chili and honey. Today cocoa is primarily used for the production of chocolate in Europe.

The high calorie content of chocolate inhibits the health beneficial effect of ingredients in cocoa beans.

Cocoa Nibs consist of 100% cocoa as they are directly produced out of cocoa beans. In this process the beans are peeled and cut into smaller pieces.

The cultivar “Criollo“which is provided by us, has low content of acid and bitterness. This makes these cocoa beans ideal for direct consumption.

Cocoa beans have the highest content of antioxidants of all known plants. These antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties and are available in an especially easy absorbable way.

Cocoa Nibs contain big amounts of iron, magnesium and further mineral nutrients. In addition Cocoa Nibs are rich in B-vitamins and vitamin C and E. Furthermore they have a high content of fibers which are beneficial for our digestive system.

In a similar way to dark chocolate, Cocoa Nibs are said to have a positive emotional effect. The reason for this is the content of primarily second messengers (neurotransmissors) like serotonin, dopamin and tryptophan that are contained in the beans.

AcanChia® Cocoa Nibs are:

  • 100% cocoa bean
  • contain antioxidants
  • rich in fibers
  • rich in iron and magnesium
  • rich in vitamin C, E and complex B
  • easy to use
  • gluten-free
  • lactose-free
  • vegan