Sept. 19, 2013 AcanChia is certified organic by ABCERT for trading with seeds, herbs, fruits, grains and cereals

On the 1st of January 2009 new EU regulations went into effect for the production, control and labelling of organic products. In Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008 all levels of plant and animal production are regulated, from the cultivation of land and keeping of animals to the processing and distribution of organic foods and their control.

The distribution of organic products from third countries is only permitted on European common markets, when they are produced and controlled under the same or equivalent conditions. The import regime has been expanded with the new legislation. Only organic goods from third countries or goods whose production is controlled by the Member States are recognised by the EU. Anoxymer has received the licence for trading with organic teas and herbs from ABCERT.

  English  Transmission Notification AcanChia

  English  EC organic certificate AcanChia valid until 31.12.2015

  English  AcanChia® – Back to the seeds – sustainable cultivation – organic certified – gluten-free

  German  AcanChia® – Das Unternehmen

  English  AcanChia® – Product Flyer Amaranth Feb 2014

  German  AcanChia® – Produktblatt Quinoa Feb 2014

  English  AcanChia® – Chia Power of Nature

  German  AcanChia® – Chia Kraft der Natur

  English  Power Seeds of the Incas and Aztecs: AcanChia® Amaranth

  German  Das Powerkorn der Inka und Azteken: AcanChia® Amaranth

  English  What are AcanChia® Cocoa Nibs?

  German  Was sind AcanChia® Kakao Nibs?

  English  What is AcanChia® Camu-Camu?

  German  Was ist AcanChia® Camu-Camu?

  English  AcanChia® Chia-Oil – The vegetable source of Omega-3

  German  AcanChia® Chia-Öl – Die pflanzliche Omega-3-Quelle

  English  What is AcanChia® Lucuma?

  German  Was ist AcanChia® Lucuma?

  English  AcanChia® Quinoa – Magic seeds of the Incas

  German  AcanChia® Quinoa – Zauberkorn der Inka

  English  What is AcanChia® Yacon?

  German  Was ist AcanChia® Yacon?