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Chia Oil – The vegetable source of Omega-3

Chia oil is directly extracted from Chia seeds via smooth cold pressing. The oil that is obtained has a yellow-brownish color and a nutty smell. Chia oil doesn’t have a strong taste. Because of the high amount of antioxidants in chia seeds, Chia oil has a comparably long shelf life. Chia oil is a high value food which can be blended as admixture up to 10% to other oils. But also in other areas like cosmetics or in the production of varnish and paint, Chia oil is broadly used.

Special properties of Chia Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids with many health promoting attributes. Beneficial effects are for example a positive impact on blood pressure, cholesterol levels and the nervous system as well as anti-inflammatory effects.

The nutritional habits in the Western World lead to a shortage of omega-3 fatty acids for many people. Chia oil has the highest content of omega-3 fatty acids in vegetable oils. In addition Chia oil has a better taste and a longer shelf life.

Therefore Chia oil is perfectly suited to enhance the value of food and is an excellent vegetable source for omega-3 fatty acids.

  • high content of Ω-3 fatty acid
  • high content of α-linolenic acid
  • ratio Ω-3- to Ω-6-fatty acids is 3:1
  • cold-pressed
  • almost no taste of its own
  • alternative to linseed oil and fish oil
  • diverse uses additional to food f.e. cosmetics, skin care, hair care or production of varnish